Alpine to take action against toxic social media users.

Alpine will take action against social media users who posted abuse towards the team after their performance.

It was a bad day for the team with Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon colliding twice in the sprint race and the Spaniard needing a new front wing.
Alonso stated in his post-race interview that he is.
He was counting the races until he left. He received a five-second penalty for being entirely at fault for the second incident.

In response to their performance and handling of the incidents, Alpine revealed that they received over 800 toxic comments during and after the race.

The team vowed to take further action against the posters and said they would not tolerate hate and discrimination online.
Whatever happens on track there is absolutely no excuse for abusive comments to be directed toward our driver’s team members fans or anyone online. The comments that we received on our social media channels during and after today’s sprint qualification were some of the most toxic. This is not right.

Today’s incident is not an isolated one. Hate and discrimination will not be accepted by the team. We will take action against individuals or groups who promote or encourage online abuse of our driver’s team members and fans on social media.

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