Audi planning more than just to provide power units in formula one

It’s no secret that Audi will be part of the power unit providers in 2026 and apparently also part of the grid teams.
From 2023 Audi will gradually take over Sauber’s team before going practically to the grid in 2026 with its own squad and power unit. Audi, as a new engine provider, will come in with a lack of experience compared to other power unit companies but Adam Baker, who heads Audi, doesn’t think they need much time to become competitive and is very confident in the project: “We are aware of the challenge that lies ahead, for this Audi Yissa in 2026 is relevant and attractive because we have started The project is early.
We have 42 months until the first raceā€¦ Also, 2026 is the beginning of a regulatory cycle, others accordingly entered mid-cycle. (In 2026) The sources of power will change but so will the chassis. In a way the iron that our competitors have may fall and it will be easier for us as new manufacturers to compete against them.
Now this might change completely as there is too much of time before Audi enters the sport but yeah pre-planning is good in every situationā€¦

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