Breaking: New Potential Teams will be Joining Formula 1 Grid in 2025

The FIA has launched the “Expression of Interest” process to identify new potential Formula 1 Teams that will join the grid in 2025

The examination of each request will be “based on a strict financial and technical analysis” and the federation will require groups that want to join to show commitment to the Zero Era until 2030.

Anderretti’s chance seems to be becoming more and more likely to enter the league despite all the differences with the teams

The federation statement today said: “The FIA welcomes interest from bodies with a serious intention to enter the FIA Formula 1 World Championship. The high level of interest from a number of potential candidates is further proof of the Championship’s popularity and growth of the long-term general interests of the Championship, involving all stakeholders, will determine which candidates will be selected together with existing regulations and administration arrangements.

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If everything said above was Chinese for you – here’s a more detailed explanation πŸ‘‡πŸ»

On January 2, 2023, the president of the federation, Mohammed Ben Solayim, stated that he is working towards a move called “expression of interest”. This is a sorting process whose main purpose is to identify from all those interested in entering the league, a candidate group that can participate at a competitive level in the World Championship.

The ‘expression of interest’ process will be the first step in determining which teams, organizations or businesses have genuine interest in building a new Formula Team and including several stages among others.

In the first stage, you have to register with documents and a minimum fee ($300,000) and then turn the Federation for Registrars and research resources. Only the most suitable (as much as 1) will continue the process that at the end will demand the discussed “seriousness fee” of $ 200 million, the money as said will be divided between the groups that are already in the grid as compensation for the loss in the distribution of the prize money.

The terms of the formal application process (together with full selection criteria, valid deadlines, legal requirements and other conditions) will be handed over to candidates who submit an initial expression of interest to the FIA but for the first time ever, each candidate will be required to mention how they will manage the sustainability challenge and how they plan to achieve positive social impact for the League and Zero Era by 2030.

Until now, the teams in the League have opposed adding another team and there have been a lot of arguments against the federation, but historically, every time such a process is opened it ends with the joining of a team in the League, this time in the federation the restriction to a maximum of 12 teams.

The FIA expects the formal process to last until April 30 and after that any decision on greenlighting new staff will be made by June 30. Also, the FIA documents made it clear that the final call does not depend on them alone.

“For the sake of clear doubt, no new candidate has an automatic entry right to the championship and the maximum number of teams competing in the championship up to and including the 2025 season is limited to 12”, it was written.

“Existing F1 teams will receive preference over new candidates. β€œIn case no candidate is considered suitable by the FIA and/or by the F1 commercial rights holder, no new F1 teams will be selected.”

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