Daniel Riccardo will be earning the highest salary he has earned in his entire Formula 1

Daniel Ricardo may not be on the grid this coming season and has decided to take 2023 Easy, but don’t worry Red Bull’s third driver because in his “Saturday” year he is going to earn the highest salary he has earned in his entire Formula 1 career, and without driving too much.

So how is that Possible? Let’s do the math together! Daniel reportedly signed with Red Bull on a $2.1 million contract, but in addition to money from Redbull, Daniel deserves a $22.2 million compensation from McLaren because they released him from the contract earlier than expected for Oscar.

What does that mean? Ricardo’s ‘holiday’ off the grid will earn him £24.3m this year (just from the teams, no ads or sponsorships) and will be the Australian’s highest annual salary in his entire career! But before you ask, “Wasn’t it cheaper for McLaren to keep Daniel for another season instead of paying all those in reparations for the rookie Oscar?” “The answer is no!” Daniel re-signed his contract for a higher preseason fee for 2023 + Mclaren’s loss on his dysfunctional = Mclaren came out cheaper when they split him now and brought on Oscar

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