Daniel Ricciardo will replace Liam as the official backup driver for the next three weeks

Christian Horner reveals the weekend Ricciardo needs for qualifying and racing. As mentioned, Ricciardo has signed with Red Bull as a third driver, but he is not a backup/placeholder for the team!, will be out of a role at Red Bull for three weekends in Mexico City. Daniel Ricciardo will replace Liam as the official backup driver for the next three weeks,

Horner said:
“He’s going to do some tire testing for us…a little work on the simulator…all the commercial work from our sponsors and partners… Especially with a high presence in the United States where Daniel is mostly, we have three races there in the upcoming season, so he will have a busy schedule for the season ahead “Red Bull will also participate this year in the opening ceremony of the International GT Challenge, which is actually the GT3 race series.

The ceremony will take place in Australia, Ricardo’s birthplace where he is very popular and as a popular PR leader, this is exactly the goal! In the ceremony Red Bull will attend, they will do a number of show laps and as part of his PR roles and the addition that he is Australian – it is just requested that Danny be the one to arrive at the event.

Especially after Horner’s statement:
“He is a driver with a lot of experience, with a very high profile, I think Daniel stopped liking Formula 1 a bit, he had two very difficult seasons, especially this season… So for him to be in a support role as our third driver, both in the factory and at events with all our business partners, we have one of the drivers with the most familiar faces in the Formula, it made a lot of sense.”

As stated, Redbull has not signed Daniel for 2024 and there is no promise of such promotion or willingness from Redbull, but There will be a “demonstration” of “Extraordinary talent” on the Aussie’s part but until then Christian “hoping that in the process of Daniel rediscovers his passion for Formula 1” fingers crossed

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