F1 Rumor: Mercedes is prepared to support Fernando Alonso over Lewis Hamilton

Since the Bahrain Grand Prix, the Mercedes F1 squad has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Since then, there have been rumors that Mercedes may be contemplating supporting Aston Martin, a customer team, in an effort to win the title.

Mercedes’ recent season opener was discouraging, and the divisions within the squad and discontent with the vehicle are now more obvious. Aston Martin had a solid start to the season, placing third on the podium in the opening race with Fernando Alonso at the wheel.

If their own team’s performance continues to be below standard in the upcoming races in Saudi Arabia and Australia, Mercedes executives reportedly contemplate concentrating their efforts on giving Alonso the fastest engine. This would be a setback for Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, who was expecting to win his eighth championship with the team.

If Mercedes chooses to give Aston Martin priority, it would imply that they are prepared to devote more time and money to their customer squad than to their own. Alonso, an erstwhile rival of Hamilton’s, would also benefit from this decision rather than the star driver himself.

If the situation materializes, it has been reported that Hamilton’s engine, which has up to three kilowatts more power than Alonso’s, might even be moved to the Aston Martin garage.


If Mercedes and Aston Martin team up, they will compete in the championship battle against Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing. If they are still unsuccessful in winning, it will be a significant setback for the Mercedes squad.

Whether or not these rumors are true remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Mercedes is under pressure to raise their game and maintain their position as a contender in the championship competition.

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