Fernando Alonso believes he and Max Verstappen are considered “aggressive, disrespectful and politically incorrect drivers” but doesn’t know why.

The pair have a lot of respect for each other on and off the track, and the two-time world champions have finished on the podium in all three races so far this season. Verstappen’s dominance last year saw him overtake Alonso’s career race wins and the Spaniard believes he could win as many titles as Lewis Hamilton eventually with the right car.

However, one thing the two have in common is the increased support for Formula 1 in their home countries. Alonso emphasized the partisan support that has become an important part of the annual Spanish Grand Prix. Verstappen is now the “Orange Army” marching through Europe. But for some reason, he feels that their views are not universally supported by him and the reigning world champion.

“He can win five, six or seven titles. Max is very good, but of course he needs a competitive car,” Alonso told L’Equipe.
“We both come from small countries with very little Formula 1 culture. When I lived in Spain, Spain was blue, but now you see orange everywhere. Also, I don’t know why, but we are both considered aggressive, disrespectful and politically incorrect drivers.”

Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

Alonso’s “politically incorrect” suggestions may be that he and Verstappen are often open on a number of Formula 1 topics. Alonso has long been the sport’s main politician in a way, saying what needs to be done to get the message he wants across, and Verstappen’s approach is more focused on managing the sport and raising his voice on issues of lead. Formula 1 track.

This is evident in his objection to sprint qualifying, believing it goes against the ‘DNA’ of Formula 1 and will further strain an already busy schedule. There is no doubt that their words have sparked controversy at various times in the past, but Alonso’s “politically incorrect” stance may mean they are more willing to speak out in certain ways than other drivers in public forums.

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