Ferrari team principal Matia Binotto might get replaced

The rumor of the departure of Matia Binotto, who led the 2019 Ferrari squad, is spreading like wildfire in the field, but just before we officially say goodbye, let’s sort out the mess.

It’s no secret that Ferrari sinned with a very problematic strategy in the 2022 season and they had quite a few awkwardness that could have been avoided (and maybe even fired a strategist or two) but rumors have it that whoever decided to part ways with the team was Mattia himself and not a member of the directors initiated the separation. According to senior officials, it appears that the message was supposed to arrive yesterday, but the Italian newspaper “La Gazette” notes that they probably decided to wait on Ferrari with an official announcement in the meantime to try and find a common formula for the message.

The newspaper reveals more details about the incident, explaining how trust between the technical manager and CEO Benedetto Vigna, and even with the group’s president John Alcan, was lacking. Vigna is a very present figure in the team, he follows the racers from the garage and is often present at technical meetings by Binotto’s manager. According to reports in the Italian media, Binotto told his friends that the criticism of his performance is too exhausting and too involved, and is therefore not interested in continuing and terminating the contract that is set to expire at the end of the next racing season (2023).

In addition, Binotto feels a clear lack of support from Ferrari President John Alcan, and in an organization like Ferrari where everything from the procedure in strict politics, support and back from the group is important! One of the interesting things in the matter is that the rumors of his resignation came from those around Leclerc (who apparently didn’t talk to Binotto for months). This says a lot about the relationship created between the two, but also about the strength of Todd Jr. (yes, the son of… And Charles’ personal manager), who allowed himself to have a conversation directly with John Alcan, overtaking Binotto who manages the staff directly.

Ferrari seems to want to bet everything on Leclerc, and maybe even end up putting him in the center of the team, but that won’t necessarily be a positive thing for them and who is currently a top candidate to replace him is Frederic Wasser, manager of the Alfa Romeo Group. Ferrari claims he previously worked with Leclerc and they have a good connection. When will an official statement be published and what will be its contents? I guess we will know soon, some say even today! But what’s for sure is that there’s one person who’s getting bad from this whole story and that’s undoubtedly Carlos Sainz, who will likely lose his biggest fan inside a Ferrari next year.

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