FIA is considering adding more teams to the F1 grid

It’s official! The FIA has confirmed it has taken the initial steps to examine the possibility of adding new teams to the grid!

It’s no secret that new teams want to join the league. Today, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, president of the federation, announced that the FIA will open a process called “expression of interest”. This is a sorting process whose primary purpose is to identify from all interested, a candidate group that can participate at a competitive level in the World Championship.

The exact conditions of this sorting process, along with entry criteria, dates, legal requirements, and other conditions, will be handed over to candidates who register an official expression of interest with the federation. The expression of interest process will be the first step in determining which teams, organizations or businesses have a genuine interest in building a new Formula Team and including several stages among others.

In the first stage, you have to register with a combination of documents and a minimal fee (minimum requirements) and then turn to the Federation for registrants and research resources. Only the most suitable (as much as 1) will continue the process that in the end will demand the discussed “seriousness fee” of $ 200 million, the money as said will be divided between the groups that are already in the grid as compensation for the loss in the distribution of the prize money. In the past, the teams in the league have opposed adding another team so we will have to wait for the response of the teams or findings at the end of the process but this is definitely an important statement.

If this gets passed what teams would you like to see on the grid? Do let me know in the comments section…

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