Good News for Max Verstappen Fans around the world

When we are on a driver’s home route, it’s quite common to see an offering in his honor. We see it in France for Ocon and Gasly, in England for Lewis, in Canada for Lance stroll, Riccardo in Australia, Max Verstappen in Holland etc…

Offers like this are the place for die hard fans to gather and cheer on the driver they love.
However, for one driver, offering a home in one race is not enough. To whom? You guessed it right!

The reigning world champion, Max Verstappen, will have six (!! ) will offer his own in the upcoming season (2023) on six different tracks!

Indeed! In addition to special seats on the Dutch route reserved every year for Max’s orange army, orange fans will now be able to officially buy tickets to special stands on routes such as Austria, Hungary and Spa (until now they had orange offers that were not officially organized by the league).

In addition to the four regular races, Max will offer two more races this year – Spain and Las Vegas!

Why Spain? Spain is where Max got his first Formula 1 win in 2016. On the Spain route orange fans will receive an offer with a good view of 12 to 14 turns, and three-day weekend tickets from just €385.

Why Vegas? You don’t really need to add, do you?
Vegas’ first race (since 1984) that began over Thanksgiving weekend will take place Saturday night (our Sunday morning).

Vegas prices are currently unknown, but as part of the package, you can request all-inclusive food, non-alcoholic beverages and a special Max premium-brand travel bag – really fancy

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