Gulf passed to Williams?

Gulf Company is an American oil company that was a very central sponsor of McLaren and last November announced that they would not renew a contract. As part of Gulf and Mclaren’s sponsorship agreement – Mclaren’s car was painted in the colors of the oil company’s logo, orange and blue and occasionally brought out together with the group’s special car clothing (and also a fan clothing collection). Anyway, various sites are now reporting that Gulf signed a major sponsorship deal with none other than Williams Group, and we’ll all have to see how that deal affects the team’s car design in 2023 if at all.

Now something on a personal note: at the end of the day, the exposure of the formula is enormous! McLaren is a relatively wealthy team (at least more than Williams) and Williams, who’s gotten into trouble recently, needs the gulf money.

Mclaren’s chance of agreeing to go far for the gulf is lower than Williams because Williams needs the money more and will therefore be a “referee” of the gulf more than McLaren. Gulf can spend less (or the same) money at Williams but get more! And that’s why I think it pays to invest in a small group, at the end of the day all the groups on the Netflix show, and all the teams are on track and it’s a great business opportunity.

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