How will F1 cars change in 2023?

Small, but multiple changes to the technical regulation will make F1 cars slightly different in 2023.

Porpoising contrast should come to an end with the new floors, higher than 15mm in the side walls, which will be less flexible (maximum flexion allowed 5mm downwards with a test load of 250 N at 6 separate points you).

The skid will also be raised by 10mm, and the bending checkpoints will instead go from 6 to 4. The minimum total weight is back to 796kg, and the gasoline can be cooled down to 10°C. Regarding safety, instead, we will have roll hoops that are more robust and resistant to longitudinal stresses. The mirrors will be bigger, and the engine-shift anchors more resistant to prevent the single seat from breaking into two trunks.

Now all these changes may play well with some teams like Redbull and Ferrari as they had the most stable cars for the 2022 season, and some teams like Mercedes might come into play, hope they come back…

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