I will miss the off-track benefits of being a Red Bull F1 driver – Gasly.

Gasly has been with the Red Bull family for eight years, starting as a junior team member before becoming a full-time driver for Toro Rosso in 2018. He was then promoted to the main Red Bull seat in 2019 but lasted just 12 races before moving back to the junior team, now racing as AlphaTauri.

In an interview with GiveMeSport, Gasly gave an insight into how big the Red Bull organization is.
He said “What people will see is mainly what goes on in the paddock and around Formula 1 but Red Bull is so much bigger than that. I’ve talked about it with a couple of friends – being part of Red Bull gives you access to so many industries and so many other sports and athletes.”

“I’ve met hundreds of Red Bull athletes from different sports and the experience and the knowledge you get from that is priceless I’m going to miss the adventures and activities; I’ve flown acrobatic planes, I’ve been skydiving, I’ve been surfing in Australia, I’ve done stuff which I’ll be talking about for my entire life.”

“It’s been nine years where, everywhere I go, I’m seen as a Red Bull athlete. Red Bull has offices everywhere around the world. I would go to my physical preparation at the Red Bull Training Centre in California at the start of every year. I go to Red Bull America and they welcome me and look after me. I go to Red Bull Japan and they are there for us – you find your feet basically anywhere in the world is inside Red Bull and that’s definitely going to change and it’s going to be missed.”

“Being in AlphaTauri, I call them my second family. They gave me my chance in F1 and I’ve been working with these guys for several years. They know me and know everything about me and my personality and the way I work. It’s just very natural working with them…”

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