Indian Origin Ravin Jain becomes the new Ferrari’s Cheif strategist

Ferrari now has a new Strategy director in Ravin Jain who will replace Inaki Rueda on the pit wall. The decision features Rueda moving into a more factory-oriented role in Maranello as Jain takes over on the pit wall. This comes after much had been made of the way the team’s strategy unit performed last year.

The unit looked weak, underconfident, and often underprepared to be in a position where it could battle Red Bull. Former team principal Mattia Binotto did not believe in placing the blame on a single person at the time, but Rueda’s name as the head of strategy was often brought up when discussing the team’s lack of operational excellence.

With Fred Vasseur coming in, Inaki Rueda has been replaced on the pit wall by Ravin Jain. So, who is this new Indian-origin strategy director at Ferrari?

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Ravin Jain

Who is the Indian-origin Ferrari strategy director?

Ravin Jain has been a part of the setup of the Italian team for almost seven years now. He obtained a three-year degree in physics in 2015. In 2016, Jain completed his master’s degree with honors in mathematical and theoretical physics. By the time he completed his master’s, he had already gained experience in F1 with an internship at Caterham and Williams.

He was also part of the Maranello Academy of Engineers, where he learned key aspects of strategy and mathematical models. As soon as Jain received his master’s degree, he was offered the chance to join the team full-time. Climbing the ranks since then, Jain has grown from being a mathematical modeling engineer in 2016 to the head of strategy at Ferrari in 2023.

The new role in the Italian team is a great achievement but it is not a bed of roses by any means. The team’s strategy is one area that will receive quite a bit of attention from the media as well because of its faults last season.

New team principal Fred Vasseur has pointed out that the process needs to be refined when it comes to the strategic unit. Earlier this year, Vasseur spoke about how he was analyzing what went wrong in every incident last season. He’d told Motorsport:

“I’m trying to understand exactly what’s happened on every single mistake and what’s happened last year. And to try to know if it’s a matter of decision, if it’s a matter of organisation, or of communication?”

A role at Ferrari does not often come with a long leash, and the spotlight will be on Ravin Jain this season as he settles into a key role on the pit wall.

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