Is FIA still considering the Chinese GP for the 2023 Season of Formula 1

The 2023 Chinese GP was officially canceled last month due to coronavirus restrictions in the country. However, this week all restrictions were lifted and the track management asked to return to the racing schedule. But it’s not that simple, it turns out that an agreement was signed with the Portuguese race to replace China on the 2023 race board.

As you know, in the past there was a dispute between Turkey and Portugal, but it seems that Turkey has gone off the chapter and currently the league is trying to solve the issue on the best side and are weighing what to do.

Considering the current situation and the time left for the 2023 season to start Chinese GP won’t happen, and if it gets added it might disturb all the arrangements including the sponsors and everything else.

So Which Grand Prix would you consider if given a chance, the Chinese GP or the Portuguese GP?

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