Lando after yesterday’s qualifying.

After a great lap from Lando Norris which placed him P5, he is quite happy with the position and will be pushing hard today in the sprint race…

Lando after yesterday’s qualifying stated,

“I’m extremely happy with today. I think we did the best job we could have done throughout the whole of qualifying. I think the only thing we could have done a little bit better was going out first in Q3 – but there was also some risk to that. So, apart from that, we made perfect decisions, and the team did an excellent job. The car was feeling good, even in the tricky conditions. I was extremely happy to be P1, P5, and P4 through the qualifying runs. I feel like I did a good job all day, even with how I’ve been feeling – and maybe wasn’t driving as perfectly as I should have done, but P4 is still a great position for tomorrow, so hopefully, we can stay in that position and score some good points tomorrow.”

Lando Norris

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