Mercedes brings back James Allison, the technical manager who left in 2021

Motorsport Italy reports that James Allison, who was one of Mercedes most important engineers, is returning to the job. Allison left Mercedes in 2021 and the one who replaced him and took on the role of Technical Manager was Mike Elliott.

Alison, brought Mercedes to four Manufacturers Championships but even before Mercedes he has a rich history of success with both Ferrari and Renault and was part of the team at the time of their championship winning.

It’s no secret that Mercedes are not satisfied, and we have received reports of changes they are expected to bring in Imola. According to reports, the person in charge of these technical changes is Alison, who has already started working in the factories and has been confirmed by Ricky (who has moved from Georgie’s racing engineer to a senior technical role at the team’s factories).

But until Imola we have time, and in the meantime, Mercedes will try to improve their car ahead of the Saudi Grand Prix: “I’m testing what we can find next week… What is the direction change that we can implement and how quickly we can do it,” said Toto in an interview this week.

What will be the fate of Mercedes this year is still early to know, but what is certain is that they have a lot of work to do to get back to the top.

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