Mercedes is in talks with Riccardo for the Reserve Driver seat

Ricciardo has assured that he will remain active in the F1 paddock next year, unwilling to spend next season competing in other racing categories outside of Formula 1.

Ricciardo is expected to become a reserve driver in 2023, allowing him to stay connected within the paddock.

Toto Wolff has revealed that Mercedes is in talks with Daniel Ricciardo about a reserve driver role

“I think Daniel is speaking to a few teams about a potential role, also Red Bull. For us, we very much like him. He’s a great character.”

“But we are not in a position yet [to say] who is going to be our third driver.”

Personally, I think Riccardo still has very much potential to win races and he might also compete for the Championship but definitely he needs a team who understands him, and better to know there are few teams who treat their drivers well, and Mercedes is one of them, still this is my opinion…

Do you think that Ricciardo will be Mercedes reserve driver?

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