The 10 clubs in the league will vote for 10 of the league’s 15 leaders, and the voting machines will also be made up of teams. The other five leaderships received “other partners’ support”

How will this function?

On one automobile that will compete at the Academy in 2024, each of the ten teams will have their own paint job.

To compete at the academy and to drive a car with her painting, each group will select one driver.

Other partners, to be revealed separately, which will sponsor the final five drives and the final five vehicles.

With a total of 15 vehicles on the grid, the five teams who are currently present at the Academy will continue to run three cars apiece.

The academy will borrow all league weekends in the next season.

More information will be provided later by the League Board and Academy Board, but this is a huge step forward for women in sports!

A brief description of the formula’s academy is as follows: it is a minor league that is only for women. This pathway aims to advance talented and ambitious female athletes towards the “Leagues of the Great,” where they can face off against men as equals in the sport.

There are now 15 drivers divided into 5 groups, each with 3 drivers. The groupings that have teams currently racing in Formula 2 and Formula 3 are the teams that are currently accessible.

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