POV cameras to stay for the 2023 Formula One Season

There is! Good news! The new cameras that came to us in a limited number in the 2021 season, those that are photographed from the drivers’ point of view, will officially remain for the 2023 season as well!

It’s about small cameras, located close to the eyes of the drivers, with the inner padding inside the helmet, the diameter of the camera is 8 millimeters and the weight is only 2.5 grams!

We saw the camera for the first time in 2021 on Fernando Alonso and since then on a number of other drivers in the previous season as well. The technology is only available on helmets of the “Bell” company.

Looking back, the idea was first seen by Mark Blundel back in the 1994 Belgian Grand Prix, where he wore a massive camera on his helmet. She was clumsy, big and the idea didn’t catch on.

And at present, since the photos were supposed to be a hit among fans, and the league is happy to add another dimension in terms of providing a better perspective of what the drivers experience during the race, they decided to leave the cameras and expand their activity in the upcoming season as well!

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