Red Bull building new chassis to reduce weight

There are reports that Red Bull is going to extreme measures in order to bring the RB18 under the FIA weight limit. Their latest endeavor has been to build a new – lighter – chassis.

At the Belgian GP, the FIA’s new technical directive (which focuses on porpoising as well as the ‘Flexi-floors’) will come into effect. This poses a problem for the majority of the teams as they will have to strengthen their floors; by adding material (and thus weight).

The weight of F1’s 2022 cars has long been an issue; the 2022 2022 regulations saw an increase in new safety measures which all add to the overall weight of the cars. They are now 46kg heavier than the previous year. As a result, teams are desperate to find weight-saving measures.

Williams stripped layers of paint off their car. as did Aston Martin, and Red Bull said it took until the Spanish GP for them to achieve the optimal weight.
However, the new TD has meant further reductions are needed. Red Bull has opted to make the financial commitment to not just build a new lighter monocoque; but also put it through the FIA-mandated safety tests so it can be used on the track.

Christian Horner has already explained that this will impact the team financially as they struggle with the cost cap.

In a recent report by Auto Motor and Sport, another team is also building a lighter frame but Mercedes have ruled themselves out of this. A Mercedes spokesperson said “That would be far too expensive. Not just because of the crash tests. You have to build three new chassis, and they cost you two million extra.”

Do you think Red Bull needs to take this step given their commanding position in both championships? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section

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