The rumor first surfaced after I told you last month that discussions between the management of Alfa Romeo and Ace were held in Monaco and that the teams’ unification was at stake.

A brief history of Alfa Romeo

The Italian automaker Alfa Romeo’s deal with Sauber will expire at the conclusion of the current season, five years after it was first signed. The group’s primary sponsor was Alfa Romeo, and she was given that name.

Simply explaining, Sauber owns the team, and Alfa Romeo and Sauber inked a contract five years ago under which Alfa Romeo will sponsor and run the team under Sauber’s brand.

Both Zhou’s contract with the club and the agreement between Alfa Romeo and Sauber expire at the conclusion of the current season.

So how did the ace enter the scene?

The executives of Alfa Romeo and Ace held discussions about working together in Monaco last month

It is said to be a two-year agreement, and Alfa Romeo will benefit from a cooperation very much like the one she had with Sauber. According to reports, the American Alfa Romeo will pay a 20 million dollar agreement.

What will happen to the group if Alfa Romeo ends its partnership with Sauber?

The group is Sauber’s property and has not been removed off the grid. As previously stated, Sauber will join Audi in 2026, however for the next two years, they will continue to operate under the “Sauber” moniker and utilize Ferrari engines. Who will be the drivers during this time? Bottas and another driver, whose identity is presently unknown, have inked contracts through 2025.

What is going on with Zhou and Kevin?

Alfa Romeo hasn’t made any concrete or formal announcements on the future as of yet, but the company’s CEO stated in an interview that the club is “exploring any kind of opportunity for the future in sports” and that they want to remain in the league. Before the summer break, they were discussing Nico’s contract renewal, who outperforms his teammate every week, but they left out Kevin because of his lackluster performance this year and the fact that his contract is set to expire this year.

Another point to keep in mind is that the Zhou rumors surface just as Haas CEO Gene Haas is traveling to Hungary and Belgium for business and to sign documents.

If you consider Alfa Romeo’s commitment to Ferrari, the alliance with the Ace makes sense. Hass is rumored to be one of the Formula groups that the Alfa Romeo executives, who have never conducted interviews, can only work with.

We currently have little to do other than wait for Nico’s contract to be officially announced, as well as updates on Kevin’s future and any potential future collaboration between the two organizations.

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