The partnership between Redbull and Ford might happen!

The partnership between Redbull and Ford might happen! The announcement on the subject is expected to be officially released this Friday according to the British Mirror.

As I posted to you last week, Ford is sending influencers and media people to New York on the same dates (Feb. 3) when Red Bull will be in town for their new car launch event.

Today, sources told the UK Mirror Sport that Ford and Red Bull have held talks and a deal is expected to be signed, although the agreement has not yet been written and sealed. All signs point to the official announcement of their partnership at the season launch event on Friday (February 3rd).

However, it is unclear how long the partnership will last. According to the estimate, Ford has not signed on to the 2026 engine regulations, while Red Bull has invested numerous resources into building its own engine division and has an existing relationship with Honda expected to end in 2026. The meaning is that Ford will most likely not enter as an engine partner.

Actually revealed the news back in Dec 2022 so this might actually turned out to be true. Take my input after connecting the dots – the statement of the President of the Federation this week that “next week a new manufacturer’s signature could enter for 2026” raises me big question marks on the subject and I can’t wonder if it has nothing to do with the partnership in question.

Anyway, I guess we’ll have to wait until Friday to see what happens. So stay tuned…

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