The revolutionary design of Redbull helped them win the championship

Red Bull’s sidepods solution was the most copied one. Of course, it is, as the RB18 is the most successful single-seater of this new generation of F1 cars.

The large lower channel between the cooling inlet and the upper edge of the floor is favored by the zero dimensions offered by the chassis of the RB18. Ferrari, for example, has the lower SIS not at a minimum height (by regulation) and a design choice to favor a lower obstacle inside the venturi ducts, but which at the same time enlarges the lower part of the sidepods, giving it that more squared shape. If Ferrari wants to adopt RB18-like solutions in 2023, it will have to revisit a large part of the chassis.

Opposite to that Mercedes had the zero pods design which made the car slower and caused many issues, but eventually, they kind of caught up with others in the end, there are still questions about whether they’ll follow the same design or will they come with the pods lets wait for the next season…

Mercedes to abandon the “zero sidepods” style in 2023?

The revolutionary design of Redbull helped them win the championship and the same design inspired several other teams to get a stable car on the track, so the work done by the Redbull engineers is appreciated…

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