The specifics of an improvement that will be used at this weekend’s Formula One British Grand Prix at Silverstone have been revealed by Mercedes.

Numerous changes in Monaco benefited the W14 and immediately supported George Russell and Lewis Hamilton in their pursuit of Red Bull.

The W14’s re-adaptation at Silverstone has now been described by Trackside Engineering Director Andrew Shovlin.

“Well, it’s a fantastic event that we really look forward to,” Shovlin said.

“The team is based very close to the track, we’ve got two British drivers and the support is always absolutely phenomenal, so we love going there.

“We’ve got updates coming to the car, we have a new front wing that we’re going to be bringing that will hopefully move us a bit further up the grid.

“And also, we’re hoping that the track itself is just going to suit the car a bit better than that Austria circuit.

“So we’re working very hard, we know that it’s going to be very difficult to get anywhere close to Max in the Red Bull car, but we’ve got a great fight going on at the moment with Ferrari, with Aston Martin, McLaren have joined in that battle.

“So as I said, we’re going to be working really hard to make sure we can get as much out of the package as we can, and hopefully it’ll be a great race for all the fans.”

In recent grand prix events, new front wings were also used by Ferrari and Aston Martin.

At Silverstone, Mercedes is attempting to break Red Bull’s streak of sweeping every race so far in the 2023 season.

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