Zac Brown on the 2023 season and the budget cap

It’s not new that the 2022 season is a season of a new era. It introduced us to new regulations, refurbished cars, a budget cap, and all in order to make the sport more competitive, environmentally, and equitable. But, the story of “one team is absolutely in control and only a limited number of drivers are on the podium” has been repeated this year as well clearly – something that made McLaren’s boss come off the tool and go publicly that he is unhappy with the direction the sport is heading.

Zac claims that as long as there is a clear budget cap, the regulation should be loosened and allow groups more freedom in car production. He says that without the risk of an excessive spending war (all under the same ceiling) teams should be allowed an option to innovate and that they are currently under the oversight of the FIA. “If you had the cost ceiling, I’d go almost all the way. I mean, do what you want. If you want six wheels, have six wheels, but it’s the most you can spend (money)” look, this is a controversial statement but on a personal note, the rules of Formula 1 allowed it to be once a place of innovation, the teams would fight over how the car would look, function, on which machine You will be the best designer, we were.

You see a carnival of cars with different features – without worrying too much about what is legal and what is not. Engineers could have used their imagination and designed the car in a special way to give it more power or ability and it would still be within the framework of law and regulation. (And the front wing of the Mercedes would not have been disqualified for example) but the new era of formula does not allow this creativity, the year 2022 has given us mostly cars relatively similar to each other in their features, which is also suppressing creativity but also with a good and important side, because if the FIA loosen the rules, the cars on the tow Hand can be Developed in a way that they will hurt their own race, sport and inter-team competition.

Whether we agree with Zack or not – it’s quite a controversial topic that is hard to agree on and we’ll have to see where the sport will go in the future

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